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Professional Learning

Professional Development

Professional Learning

Professional Development

Professional Learning

Professional Development

On-site support for a successful Wixie implementation

Tech4Learning's professional development can complement your existing professional development program to support and extend your implementation of Wixie. We share your goal of achieving successful technology integration to improve student learning in your classrooms.

Our skilled trainers work with you to customize each event to meet your goals and needs, training teachers to use Wixie to connect students to the curriculum and build higher-order thinking skills. In the past, we have focused trainings in areas like:

We can adjust our content to meet the needs of one-day workshops during professional development days or work regularly with classroom teachers to plan, implement, and evaluate standards-based technology lessons through on-site coaching.

Wixie Remote Training

Educators have been successfully using Wixie in classrooms for over 10 years. Since Wixie works online, it not only provides essential tools for students to share their learning, it provides a suite of options that make managing student remote assignments easy.

We offer remote training for Wixie to help your educators succeed in this new learning environment. We can support your educators with remote training that blends 60-90 minute webinar-style workshops with individual exploration, group work, and coaching between sessions to answer questions, to support instructional design, and to provide additional support.

Session 1 - An introduction to Wixie's student and teacher tools

Participants are introduced to the student and teacher tools in Wixie. Participants learn the basic features of Wixie as they complete an activity in the role of student learners. Participants learn how to use the teacher tools to assign work to students from the Wixie curriculum library. Participants are then expected to do two Wixie assignments with their students: one "All About Me"-style and one short activity or formative assessment.

Session 2 - Customizing Wixie for your learners

Participants learn how to customize Wixie templates. Participants become power designers as they customize instructions and modify objects to create tiered assignments that challenge learners at multiple levels. Participants explore ideas for implementing and managing blank- screen project work, as well as learn strategies for evaluating student work. Before meeting again, participants are expected to implement their customized curriculum materials in the classroom.

Session 3 - Kick it up a Notch with Wixie

This session begins with a discussion that addresses questions and obstacles from Wixie implementation. Participants then explore ways to improve instruction with Wixie and work to design a lesson at Webb's Depth of Knowledge 3 or higher or through a project-based approach to learning (PBL). Instructors share new ideas for instructional design and management, as well as best practices and success stories from site implementation.

Flexible professional learning to meet your needs

Rather than offer a single-lock step workshop or format, our experienced trainers work with you to customize the training so that it meets both your site goals and needs.

If you can't commit to a full-day, we can adjust our training to combine an afterschool kick-off with staff to-teach a Wixie lesson in classrooms the next day. Rather than leaders in the front of a workshop, our trainers can serve as instructional coaches as a guide on the side or through classroom modeling directly with students.

We can work with curriculum leaders to help your site develop customized curriculum materials you deliver to all Wixie users, helping your educators develop Wixie templates for differentiated instruction and high-level performance tasks tied directly to your curriculum, reading programs, and educational initiatives.

If you are shifting to project-based learning, we can help you utilize Wixie in ways that support this powerful approach to student learning.

Contact us for more information and pricing for training in Wixie.

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