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STEM in the Elementary Classroom

A STEM classroom approaches instruction in science, technology, engineering and mathematics not as separate disciplines, but through an integrated and applied approach with real world application.

The goal of a STEM classroom learning environment is to encourage curiosity, promote inquiry and critical thinking, and to get students genuinely interested in STEM subjects through connections to the world around them.

Lesson Ideas

A task that combines thinking and work in multiple disciplines helps students connect their learning to the world around them. These STEM lesson plans can help you get started implementing STEM learning in your classroom.

Find Inspiration at Creative Educator

The STEM section of Creative Educator has articles on integrating STEM, STEAM, and supporting student learning in STEM subjects.

Using Creative Tech in STEM and STEAM

Connecting ideas between disciplines can help students think more deeply about curriculum and better prepare them to tackle the issues facing our world today and into the future. The STEM and STEAM in the Elementary Classroom guide provides articles, samples, and lessons to help you utilize the goals and ideas of a STEM approach in your classroom.

STEM and STEAM in the Elementary Classroom

Student Samples

Explore these samples to get a few ideas that will help you use technology to engage learners in STEM subjects.

Samples can also help set expectations for student project work in your STEM classroom.

The Physical Sciences of Paintball

Students analyzed their favorite sport to demonstrate knowledge of forces and motion concepts, addressing two of Newton's Laws of Motion and at least four physics terms, including friction, gravity, acceleration, inertia, momentum, velocity, force, projectile motion, and frame of reference.

Cold and Flu Season

Students created public service announcements regarding a health issue, combining science concepts with informative and argument writing. Most Public Service Announcements are between 10 and 60 seconds, prompting students to summarize and think differently about how to raise awareness or change behavior through a PSA.

Magnet Men News Broadcast

Students apply what they have learned by writing a creative story that illustrates a science concept they have learned. In Magnet Men, students apply the basic concepts of how magnets work in a meaningful way.

How to Set up a Fresh Water Aquarium

Students combine passion with STEM subjects as they design new solutions and share their designs through illustration, informative writing, and more.

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